When you think of your personal experiences, there are elements within your past that evoke fond memories. Think back to high school, to college, think of your or a family member’s wedding, an enjoyable vacation. We would venture to say that many of those elements include music. We would even presume that the moment you hear that particular song, you are transported to that time and place, to a particular moment. You can smell, taste, hear, and even feel the memories associated with that particular song and your reminiscence becomes vivid with life. 

Let's go further and consider your piece of artwork that's hanging in your home or office. Maybe the color palate on the piece evoke a sense of peace that you find each time you lay eyes on the painting.  Or just maybe the artwork tells a story that words can't express. For whatever reason, that piece of artwork caught your attention enough to display for all of your visitors to see.

Now, let's take it one step further and reflect on your favorite television program or stage play. You connect with that one actor or actress and end up following their professional career as a fan and supporter. They may remind you of a family member or friend and sprouts fond and funny memories. 

No matter the form of artistic expression, we love to experience - and even participate - in what they create. Unfortunately, not everyone believes that the arts is a vital component to the human experience, and as a result, so many talented artists are discouraged to pursue what they truly love - their art. Specifically, artists of color. For some artists, their craft is their only outlet. For others, art is life. So to be turned away from it for any reason, is a tough mountain to climb.

For this reason, the Flossye J. Bass Foundation for the Arts has been established. This foundation serves as a voice and a movement to inspire artists of color to chase their artistic dreams and study their vocation at a collegiate level. Are we saying that you must go to college to be an artist - absolutely not. But for some, they would love to study their art in higher education, but lack the financial and moral support to pursue their dreams.


We want others to never feel as though their passions are insignificant and don’t have a place.




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Durrell LeGrair

Durrell has always had an innate ability for music which fuels his love for the arts. He started directing and arranging songs for him and his brothers, Emmanuel and Jaron, at a very early age and began cultivating his directing skills soon after through church and community choirs. Most recently, he has been seen conducting his own original orchestration of "Lord, I Want to Be a Christian" the Akron Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. His compositions have also been featured at Kent State University, The University of Akron, and various high schools and middle schools. Outside of his music, Durrell is also a choreographer, workshop leader, and choral director.

Durrell has founded his own choral ensemble, Sonner Nouveaux, and currently serves as the Youth Choir Director and Youth Ministry Leader at the Arlington Church of God He is currently completing his Bachelor of Music Composition from The University of Akron.




Emmanuel's love for the arts began at an early age when he began taking formal lessons on the cello,  He later began to saxophone, flute, and piano as well as vocal training in middle school and high school. Though he did not pursue the arts on a collegiate level, he was still active on the stage. He has appeared in a variety of productions including Akron Symphony's Porgy & Bess, where he portrayed "Sportin' Life." Additionally, he has appeared in Akron Symphony's Opera's Greatest Moments and Gospel Meets Symphony. Apart from the stage, he has worked as a middle school educator and has worked as a mentor and leader in various non-profit organizations.

He currently holds a Masters of Education in Leadership and Organizational Performance from Vanderbilt University and  now serves as the Associate Director of Education and Youth Development at Rocketown in Nashville, Tennessee. 

 For more information about Emmanuel, visit www.ejlegrair.com.




Jaron has always been a singer and performer. He began singing at church at a very early age and has always been involved in the arts. After majoring in voice in middle school and high school, he continued his formal training and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of Akron. After which, he began teaching music for a few institutions before going back to school to earn another degree in music. Jaron has been featured as a soloist in many productions including J.S. Bach's Magnificat In D Major, Mozart's Requiem, and Porgy & Bess. He has been a workshop facilitator, mentor, and a voice for the arts in the community by serving in various arts organizations.

He holds a Master of Arts in Voice Pedagogy and currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Theater at Point Park University. He also owns the Jaron M. LeGrair Studio where he teaches private sessions for professional voice users. He is also pursuing a second masters in Speech Language Pathology. 

For more information about Jaron, visit www.jaronmlegrair.com.

Flossye Jane Bass



Born in 1933, Flossye Jane McDonald was recognized as a phenomenal musical talent at an early age. After the passing of her mother her grandmother took on the task of raising her and her two elder sisters. A gifted soprano, she was offered the opportunity to sing and tour abroad with a touring opera company. As most any young person would, she was elated at the possibilities and hurriedly shared the news with her grandmother. He grandmother came from a different time than she did however, and had a different perspective which ultimately stopped Flossye from getting the chance to travel with the company. Flossye was then left to wonder what could have happened if she only had the chance to pursue her passion.
Flossye went on to marry Houston Bass and mothered one son and two daughters. Of the youngest daughter, Teresa, was birthed the foundations founders; Durrell, Emmanuel, and Jaron. Also gifted with a phenomenal talent for singing, they were given numerous opportunities to share their gift with others locally and nationally. As they progressed in age, and they heard stories about their grandmother who passed when they were young, they, especially Jaron, also began to wonder what if

Because doors had been opened for them to share their gift, they never wanted other young people of color to have to wonder what if. They wanted to do everything in their power to see to it that these young people had every opportunity to pursue their passion professionally as their grandmother, Flossye, could have.